September 25th 2020

Today I had a real lightbulb moment, where I really broke a lightbulb for a moment. And then I broke it forever, too. Actually, it was broken forever after the first moment, but I just wanted that play on words to hold up.

Really, holding up was the issue. Okay, this is a stretch now. REally, though, stretching was the issue.

Okay! Basically, I was changing my bedsheets and when I flicked the duvet to straighten it out (you know, like you do) I whacked the lightbulb on the ceiling and it hasn’t worked since.

Also, I don’t really know how to fix it. That’s not really something I’m ever going to be strong at. I untwisted it and then twisted it back in, but that didn’t really do much.

I think that either above my fridge or in my airing cupboard there are some spare lightbulbs that I could attempt to fix if I was that kind of person.

Until tomorrow, alas, I am not that kind of person.


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