September 27th 2020

Today, some media recommendations for you:

First, watch “I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” on Netflix, but please promise me you won’t look up so much as a description of it if you do. I went in thinking it was a traditionally trashy romcom and oh boy was I wrong.

When I was watching it, I actively disliked it, but I kind of couldn’t stop watching it. Nothing made any sense at first watch, and I was left incredibly confused and mostly disappointed by the film until I watched a review of it on YouTube that pointed out some things that I completely misinterpreted.

After you figure it out, it’s actually a great film. I kind of can’t stop watching video reviews of it just so that I can have smarter people than me point out all the things I missed. I think I’ll definitely enjoy it more on a second watch, so I’ll give that a go.

Annoyingly, it just wasn’t the Saturday morning easy-watch romcom I was after, so I maybe wasn’t paying enough attention.

This morning though, I watched When Harry Met Sally. Now that is an easy-watch romcom. A classic. And weirdly relateable. That was more the vibe I was going for when I turned on I’m Thinking of Ending Things but they both delivered in very different ways.

My last recommendation:

If you own a copy of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, throw it out. Never touch it. I read the first two pages and understood maybe half of the words. And not because I’m too stupid to understand them, but because Burgess basically invents a language and writes solely in that.

There’s confusing verbiage, and a fantastical lexicon that probably makes some kind of sense when you get used to it, but I didn’t bother trying. Also, apparently the book is fucking weird so I don’t feel bad about skipping it.

Until tomorrow, a mixed bag.


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