September 28th 2020

Today I feel weirdly more sure of myself. No idea where it’s come from. Not complaining, either.

On one side, I feel more confident that I can make happen at work the projects that may once have overawed me.

In work, and in life, I feel like I hold more conviction in my, well, convictions. I’ve kind of felt like a passenger for a little while, but now I think I’m just going to make my own decisions.

Mad, that. It’s happened in like maybe the last 7 hours.

I think I believe in myself. I believe that I’m good enough. I believe that I can either manifest the things that I want to happen, or decide to let go of the things that won’t. Because really, it’s up to me. It’s not up to anyone else.

Until tomorrow, let’s see how this goes.


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