October 31st 2020 Today was an odd day for me to be single. For literally three different reasons. First, my friend Jim introduced us to the new girl in his life. I phrased it like that because I don’t know what he’d call her yet. So I don’t know what I’d call her. Me, he, her, and our couple-friends Brad and Zoe went to the Forest of Dean on a sculpture walk. It was lovely, and Jim’s new… girl in his life, is lovely too. I just couldn’t help but frame it in my own context. And that’s maybe a … Continue reading Single


October 29th 2020 Today was comparatively quiet. Yesterday was stressful, but I think I got all of the stressing out of my system by not getting any sleep at all last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about work. It’s maybe a bit sad, but I couldn’t stop myself. I think maybe it was a side effect of going on my work computer at 22:30 to post my blog, just before I went to sleep. I happened to see an email that annoyed me, and then that was on my mind during the night, I guess. And I just laid … Continue reading Parrot


October 28th 2020 Today, a rant about work. I’m sorry for how it’s going to come across. I identified that in order to provide support to an offer I was trying to run, we were going to have to replace the ‘Customer Survey’ message that usually displays.  That message is usually sacrosanct (a word I have just written for the first time in my life, even if I did butcher the spelling), because of, as I came to learn later in the day when a load of people were talking about this in an email thread of which I was … Continue reading Sacrosanct


October 26th 2020 Today I was looking forward to going to work for the sheer reason that it keeps my brain engaged. It gives me something to do. It’s something that demands my attention, and distracts me from doing nothing. And I don’t like doing nothing at the moment. Doing nothing is lonely. Anyway, I was excited to be at work for maybe 10 minutes until I learned that I won’t be getting any commission payments this month because we’ve not hit our target. And that put a downer on the rest of my year. Because since my flatmate moved … Continue reading Target