September 30th 2020

Today I broke character and invested some money in my flat. I bought cushions. I bought a blanket. I tried to make my living room into a place that I may wish to at some point spend some time. Here, look:

No, I could not be bothered to make the blanket look symmetrical or any kind of fancy. That’s all you’re getting.

Also, I bought a blender. I was planning on cooking duck penang curry tonight, and when I was in the supermarket I took one last look at the recipe and realised that as well as all of the ingredients, I also required a food processor. And so, I processed some food.

I’ve been living off super noodles and vegetarian pastas for the last week, so I wanted to treat myself today to a proper dinner. And apparently that required a blender.

Look at this, though:

Not bad, eh?

Turns out the duck breasts I bought were only miniature pieces, but we don’t talk about that. We instead talk about the fact that I’m trying to better my adult life with cushions and blankets and blenders.

Until tomorrow, also I got hammered.


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