October 2nd 2020

Today I bought a new pair of trainers for the sole reason of motivating me to go for a run. I finished work at like 5:30, and it was raining, and it was miserable, and my feet have been hurting for a couple of days because I’m at the point where I’ve done too many miles in my trainers, so I walked past the Nike Factory Outlet and then I walked into the Nike Factory Outlet.

And I walked out with these:

Nike Legend Reacts.

RRP £89.99, purchased for £31. Result.

However. Remember the part where I said it was raining? Yeah, these shoes aren’t waterproof. They work great as road running shoes, but I kind of didn’t think about it enough to buy shoes that would suit the next six months of cold and wet weather.

Nice work.

And so, I dragged myself out for a run in the rain and my new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right. Mostly. Like, the soles of my feet aren’t irreparably damaged, but even in new shoes it wasn’t ideal. I guess maybe that’s just a bit of a transitionary period.

Until tomorrow, we go again.


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