October 4th 2020

Today I take back what I said yesterday about there being too much football. I watched another three games today and they were all batshit crazy. (maybe ‘batshit crazy’ should be retired as a phrase now that, y’know… that thing with the batshit)

The first was crazy because Arsenal won. And didn’t bottle the lead! (I say this as an Arsenal fan who has been stung before. For a couple of years, I wasn’t that much into football, but I watch every Arsenal game now. Even though they’re still not great. Still, it’s nice to see them win.

Then, I went to the pub to watch the Spurs/United game with Spence, my old flatmate. Spence is a United fan. United lost 6-1. Now, as an Arsenal fan, you’re not really supposed to enjoy watching Spurs win, but the game was just so batshit crazy (oops I did it again) that it was enjoyable in its chaos and hilarity. It was the craziest game I’ve watched in years, and would continue to be the craziest game I’ve watched for at least another 30 minutes.

I got back to my flat and watched the Liverpool/Aston Villa game which immediately eclipsed the previous match as the most batshit crazy (I played with your heart… GOT LOST IN THE) game I’ve ever watched. Aston Villa, who narrowly avoided relegation on the last day of last season, beat Liverpool, last season’s deserved champions, 7-2. Or, as the screen behind Lineker on Match of the Day will read tonight 7 (SEVEN) – 2. For some reason when more than six go in, they have to add the parenthetical.

The best part about Liverpool’s result was gloating to the many, many Liverpool fans I know.

Until tomorrow, sorry Aaron.


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