October 3rd 2020

Today I attempted to watch four full football matches, but got bored during the second half of the third game. Thinking of the four full football matches as one long game, I got bored during the second half.

As it turned out, the second half of that third game actually ended up being quite exciting, I’m told, but I’d had enough by then.

Covid has forced fans out of stadiums, so the broadcasting companies have made up for that by deciding to show every Premier League game at a different time, in order for them all to be televised. So theoretically you can still always watch your team.

I mean, that’s kind of always possible because of illegal streams from America that I totally don’t use.

This “every game on TV” thing sounded like a good idea when it was announced, but, really, it’s too much. I have football fatigue. I have two more games to watch tomorrow, and for one of them I’m meeting a friend at a pub. Maybe that change of scenery will help.

I mean, the games are mostly good because all the players are fucking knackered and none of them can be bothered to defend so every result is like 4-2 to the away side because home advantage doesn’t really exist anymore.

It’s weird. Covid is weird.

Until tomorrow, stop it, covid.


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