October 5th 2020

Today I realised that it’s not that I can’t be bothered to cook, it’s that I can’t be bothered to shop, and I can’t be bothered to tidy up afterwards. The actual cooking bit in the middle of the process is quite enjoyable — and, naturally, so too is the eating bit. It’s the bread on either side of the juicy, tasty filling in the middle that I don’t enjoy so much.

I mean, I know that this problem is not unique to me, because who really likes food shopping? Especially during covid. Also, no one enjoys doing the washing up and wiping down the sides and doing the drying up and wiping down the oven and putting the stuff away and wiping down the ceiling because fuck knows how that got there.

Honestly, I cooked a really nice dinner on Saturday night, and then I kinda just left the washing up until I needed the stuff the next day. That ain’t great. Also, for dinner today I freestyled a pasta with an assortment of cupboard ingredients and two slices of ham. Like, the fridge ham that I have with my breakfast bagels. Idk why I called it ‘fridge ham’ either, btw.

Anyway, it was actually kinda nice, and I enjoyed slinging some stuff in a pan and seeing what it came out like. And then I enjoyed eating it.

I just reallllyyyyy can’t be assed to go food shopping. I dunno what to buy. I dunno what I want to make. I dunno where any of ‘different’ stuff is — the stuff I wouldn’t usually get but would maybe want to.

I went to an Asian supermarket last week. That was actually quite fun, even though I didn’t have the foggiest where (or what) anything was. The dude in there took pity on me and I basically just dictated my list to him as he scuttled to and from shelves to but things in my basket. Like, what the fuck is lemongrass? Any idea? Anyway, that was more of a fun shopping experience than traipsing up and down the aisles in Tesco 3 times a week.

Until tomorrow, now I need to find some use for 6 sticks of whatever the hell lemongrass is.


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