October 9th 2020

Today I’m annoyed with covid because I feel good about work. I feel like I’m doing the right things, and heading in the right direction. I don’t always feel like that, but this week I feel like I’m actually doing well. And I don’t need to worry about everything taking perhaps longer than I hoped for.

And I’m just excited to be at work moreso than I am at home. It’s sad, maybe. I just wish covid wasn’t a thing and we were all in the office. Is that too much to ask, covid?

I’m probably not going to have a day back in the office this year. Today was probably my last. In March it was “We’ll be back by July.” In July it was “We’ll be back by September.” In September it was “We’ll be back next year.”

And, I just want this all to be over and to be back properly. I’m feeling good about work at the moment, other than the covid part of life.

Just, like, why? Fucking covid. I’d hope to be back in the office at least some days, but if no one else, then there doesn’t really seem like much point.

Until tomorrow, I just want to go back to normal.


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