October 10th 2020

Today I am just straight up obsessed with drinking water. I dunno why, but I’ve been taking trips to the fridge every ten minutes to refill my water bottle, which means I have to refill the water jug in the fridge every thirty minutes.

Other than coffee, water is the only non-alcoholic thing that I really drink. I don’t really do juice, I definitely don’t do fizz, but I’ll occasionally have milk. Water though? That shit is so good.

Since I’ve been working from home, I don’t think I’ve been drinking as much water as I did when I was in the office. In the office, we had this cold water dispenser and the cold water it dispensed was amazing. It was cold and crisp and fresh and I chugged it all day. At home, the water frorm my kitchen taps isn’t too cold, so I have to put it in a filter jug in the fridge to a) make it cold and b) make it filtereder.

On that jug still remains the sarky, sharpied note my old flatmate left me because I always forgot ot fill it up:

Without him here to remind me, I do often forget to fill it up. It’s almost like the sarky, sharpied note did nothing to help.

Anyway, yes, this was a whole blog about drinking water.

Until tomorrow, wasn’t it riveting?


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