October 12th 2020

Today I actually did a big shop for the first time in ages. For most of the last few months, I’ve survived by going to the shop every two days and buying exactly one and a half days worth of food. I do that because A) I walk to the shop and can thus carry no more than two full shopping bags home, and B) because I can never think further than two days ahead when it comes to meal prep.

Today though, I dunno, I’m feeling good. I’ve settled into the idea that I’ll be working from home for most of this week, which means I needed to buy some stuff to prep lunches. Working at home affords me the luxury of a microwave that we haven’t been able to use when in the office. And so I can actually start having proper cooked lunches again, rather than eating out every day or adding boiling water to a Pot Noodle.

The meal’s I’ve prepped aren’t particularly inspiring, it’s my usual rice/noodles with chicken/pork and assorted stir fried vegetables. It’s the same thing I cook all the time, but I’ve just bought enough stuff to last until the weekend, rather than until tomorrow.

I don’t know what this represents. I don’t know that it represents anything. But now I even have a fresh parsley plant in my kitchen window, ready for the next time I cook aglio e olio.

Until tomorrow, I’m not growing weed, honest.


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