October 13th 2020

Today I was going to write a blog about how I broke character and cooked Western food for once, but then I remembered that I’ve literally already written that opening line before.

I guess that’s a side effect of having written one of these blogs every day for the last (checks Google…) 2112 days (that was satisfyingly palindromic). Sometimes the thing that happens in your day has happened before. And there’s nothing new to say.

Of course, in reality, there’s loads of new stuff to say that has categorically never happened before, but those are the dangerous topics. The safe topics are food, and running, and, well… actually come to think of it, that is basically all I write about any more.

That’s kinda sad. But also, how could I write about anything else?

I used to write about writing a lot, but that’s when I wanted to be a writer. I used to write about my travels, but that’s when the airports were open and we weren’t abiding by a pandemic-induced global lockdown.

And so, although I’m not really writing about anything, it still remains my goal to not write about anything every day. Because often they’re fun to write, occasionally they’re fun to read, and every once in a while I actually write something worth remembering.

Until tomorrow, just not today.


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