October 16th 2020

Today I felt the pressure of taking some mates that are visiting me to a decent local restaurant. To be honest, I didn’t personally choose the restaurant, but I still felt pressure for being the one that booked it.

I’ve been to this place, The Tavern, a few times in the last couple of months, and never ordered a main course. For me it’s all about the starters there. But that’s because I’ve only ever been there for lunch. Today though, we went for dinner, so I felt obliged to order a more dinner-y thing. So, naturally, I ordered steak. Which was, to be fair, amazing.

We had expectedly amazing starters of chicken wings and calamari, and then my friends order burgers. Which I always think of as a mistake. A place like that is going to put more effort into their steak than they are their burgers. My steak, an Onglet, was predictably amazing, and so was one friend’s chicken burger. The other’s beef burger though, I’m told, was tough and dry.

I did feel pressure to deliver tonight, so much so that I booked the table two months ago to make sure I could get a table. For most of it, I felt like I delivered, but for that one burger…

Until tomorrow, I let the team down.


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