October 17th 2020

Today I have less than the maximum allowed number of people at my flat for a party. There are five of us. Boris said that’s fine. Probably. All day we have crawled and hopped and jumped between pubs hoping that some of them would let us in.

And some of them did!

In most, it was covid rules. Which perhaps we didn’t anticipate like we should have done.

We’ve been in pubs long enough to watch 4 football matches, and curfew starts at 10pm, so we headed home.

Curfew. What a mental concept. There are maybe 3 of the ‘nicer’ pubs that we couldn’t get into today. The rest weren’t as nice but perhaps that’s to be expected. Shoutout Spectre and Railway and Fire Station and National Hunt and Frog. Boo to Lounge and Clarence and Revs which wasn’t even open.

Until tomorrow, it felt like a pre-lockdown plan with post-lockdown execution.


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