October 19th 2020

Today I starved a fever and fed a hangover, or whatever the saying is. I was not in a good way yesterday, and so could barely stomach eating or drinking anything.

To fight that today, however, I ate very well. I had a bacon and egg bagel for breakfast.

Cooked aglio e olio for lunch.

And ordered a curry from Maya for dinner.

Yes, that is a lot of curry for one person. But I expect I’ll be eating it for dinner tomorrow night as well.

For future reference, because it’s always nice to remember a decent curry order, it was: Lamb pathia, pilau rice, garlic and chilli paneer, peshwari naan bread, and mint sauce.

The paneer was an inspired choice. Cheese? Good. Curry? Good. Naan bread and mint sauce? Gooooood.

I do feel better now, but I also feel worse. I immediately felt a bit sick because I over-ate to make up for under-eating yesterday.

I imagine I’ll over-eat the rest of the curry for breakfast.

Until tomorrow, and lunch and dinner.


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