October 27th 2020

Today I’ve got my cooking mojo back, and returned to the kitchen with a family favourite. Some said I could only cook Asian food. And they were often correct, but not today. Today we cooked a homely, hearty, wintery… dish.

Chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese. Tomato/red wine sauce. We’ve been here before. I’ve written about this dish a lot over the years, because before I could cook Asian food this was basically the only thing I could cook.

It takes a bit of effort, a bit of prep, some technique, and, most offputtingly, a load of different pans.

This blog is less about what the food was, as what it represents. I’ve really not put any effort into cooking lately, and have kind of just… existed. At the start of lockdown I was trying all sorts of new recipes, because I found myself with more time on my hands.

For a little while, that’s not been the case, and I’ve been half-assing every meal I make. Or sometimes preferring to not eat at all. This week though, I’ve been on it. I did a big shop on Sunday, did some meal prep, and have cooked decent, proper meals each night.

Like this one:

That sauce was really rich. The chicken was juicy. And there was some actual goodness in the whole thing.

Until tomorrow, it’s good to be eating properly again.


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