October 28th 2020

Today, a rant about work. I’m sorry for how it’s going to come across.

I identified that in order to provide support to an offer I was trying to run, we were going to have to replace the ‘Customer Survey’ message that usually displays. 

That message is usually sacrosanct (a word I have just written for the first time in my life, even if I did butcher the spelling), because of, as I came to learn later in the day when a load of people were talking about this in an email thread of which I was not a part;

“Mandatory and equivalent rules across the whole group”

And so while they were talking about all of the reasons why we shouldn’t execute this campaign in the way I planned, I was off finding a way to make it work properly. 

Internally, all I was met with was reasons why it wouldn’t work. Everyone I asked in the organisation had some process or rule that couldn’t be broken in order for them to help me. So I went outside of my company, to our German owners.

To fix things, Germany needed special access. So I asked someone. And he couldn’t create a test account for me. So I just gave Germany access to my account, and they fixed it. I wasn’t supposed to do that, but fuck it. It was the only way to get it done.

While I was off making the thing work, everyone else was still talking about how I’d flaunted process, and taken the decision on my own back, etc etc. They’d even called me to let me know how against it they were.

The thing that pisses me off is that they walked away from it thinking they’d won. When all they did was get in the way. None of them offered any solutions. None of them helped get us to a resolution. None of them helped get me access to the one person whose help I required. They didn’t contribute, in any way, to the success of the project. They just got in the way, and walked away feeling good about themselves, with a twisted sense of self-righteousness. 

In the meeting I had with the two prime candidates, they didn’t say anything helpful. In the aforementioned me-less email thread, one of them said this: 

“I cannot in good faith allow that change to continue”

Why are you saying that in an email thread, and not to me? Is it because your boss is in cc and you want to look like you’re authoritative? Probably. Because you also said this, which just straight up didn’t happen:

“We’ve told him that the NPS Survey must be displayed if the customer is due to complete the survey.”  

You didn’t say that. I know that because I was there when you didn’t say that. You’re just flexing right now. And saying a load of stuff that isn’t helping us get to a solution.

I found the solution. With no help from anyone in our company. All of them were too busy talking about the rules that I’d broken. And yeah, I don’t deny that I broke the rules, but at least I want to get shit done. I want to make things happen, rather than talk about reasons why they shouldn’t.

In the end, I fixed it. I got it live. I made it happen.

Until tomorrow, I’m sorry for how that came across.


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