October 29th 2020

Today was comparatively quiet. Yesterday was stressful, but I think I got all of the stressing out of my system by not getting any sleep at all last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about work. It’s maybe a bit sad, but I couldn’t stop myself. I think maybe it was a side effect of going on my work computer at 22:30 to post my blog, just before I went to sleep. I happened to see an email that annoyed me, and then that was on my mind during the night, I guess.

And I just laid awake thinking about it again and again. And then I dreamt about it. Because that is a thing I do. I also dreamt about a man who swam about by letting his pet parrot tow him around a dockyard by a rope connected from the man’s mouth to the flying parrot. I don’t know what that means.

Anyway, none of the stresses that annoyed me yesterday showed up today. I was more chill. I think.

Until tomorrow, I hope I can sleep properly tonight.


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