October 31st 2020

Today was an odd day for me to be single. For literally three different reasons.

First, my friend Jim introduced us to the new girl in his life. I phrased it like that because I don’t know what he’d call her yet. So I don’t know what I’d call her.

Me, he, her, and our couple-friends Brad and Zoe went to the Forest of Dean on a sculpture walk. It was lovely, and Jim’s new… girl in his life, is lovely too. I just couldn’t help but frame it in my own context. And that’s maybe a shame, because today should have been about Jim and Holly, but it just made me all introspective and shit.

It was just hard because Jim was the only single one left in our group. In that particular group there are now four couples plus me. It used to be 3 couples plus me and Jim, now it’s 4 plus me. That’s tricky for me. I hope that I didn’t make that obvious at the time, but Jim will read this anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

This evening, we all went to dinner together and then the second odd thing happened: I bumped into my ex-girlfriend. I was walking to the toilet and saw her and her friend (/my friend?) and I did the most awkward stutter-step “do I say hello dance”? Fortunately, they acknowledged my awkward dance which made it less awkward.

I sat down, and we caught up. And it was nice to be able to sit and chat with no malice or weirdness — other than my weird “should I say hello?” dance, that is. I even got a lift home out of it, so it can’t have gone too badly.

The third odd thing… well, that’s not something I’ll go into on here. But, future me, if you’re interested, I wrote about it in the physical version of this diary. Just look up today’s date. You’ll find it. And while you’re here… How are things? In the future, that is. I hope they’re less odd. I hope you’re doing okay. I hope you’re happy.

Until tomorrow, today was odd


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