November 30th 2020 Today I had to use like a lot of my processing power. If my head was a CPU it would be running on all cores, at like maybe 89% threshold. Then I had a beer and a pie and things calmed down a bit. Work was just weird. There’s a lot going on. And it feels like there’s change coming, and I actually don’t mind change if I know what it is. I just don’t know what it is, which is the hard part. It feels like it’s come on quite suddenly, but also like it’s been … Continue reading Processing


November 28th 2020 Today, sorry Boris and the government, but I broke lockdown rules like a lot. My parents came round, Brad and Jim came round, everyone was round. Okay, maybe not everyone, but at least four people. It was just… needed, you know? Mum needed to see me. I needed to see the boys. We needed to eat a fuck load of Thai food. For example: We also needed to get an extra crate of lager because Brad wasn’t going to come round and then he did. Until tomorrow, this was essential, this was needed. Jacn Continue reading Needed


November 27th 2020 Today I had to stand outside my flat waiting for the fire brigade to show up like I was back in first year of uni. There were a lot of fire drills back then. I don’t think this one was a drill, though. Eventually, after everyone in the building was stood outside for a while, we decided to call the fire department. Because that made sense. They came, struggled to park, and then went to investigate, and discovered someone on the floor above me had whacked the break glass/fire alarm by “accident”. Our money was on the … Continue reading Brigade


November 26th 2020 Today I missed being able to video call my niece on her first birthday. I was on a training course all day, and by the time I finished work she was asleep. Hopefully I’ll get to see her tomorrow when her presents arrive too. I’ve bought her three books, because she likes books and I like buying her books. I want that to be my thing. Even though she hasn’t had her presents yet, I don’t feel wrong about spoiling it on this blog, because she doesn’t read this blog. She’s a one year old. She doesn’t … Continue reading Learning


November 25th 2020 Today I had the first day of my management training course. It’s a 3 day event to teach me some of the skills required to manage a team. It’s a weird one. Because there’s a lot of stuff that’s just super fucking obvious. But there’s also some stuff that may be obvious but I’ve never thought about the implications of it before. There’s also a fair bit of self-reflection, which is always an interesting topic. Also, there’s a lot of audience participation which is just a nightmare for me. I hated the introduction the most. I don’t … Continue reading Course


November 24th 2020 Today I got my first painful injury in 205 days of running every day. It’s not debilitating, and it’s not preventing me from getting out. For now. Though slipping my shoe on is painful, as is wearing socks. And what is this fateful injury? Well, it’s a blister on the top of one of my toes. The middle left one. If feet could swear, mine would be giving me the finger. It hurts, man. I’m like constantly aware that it’s there. Whether I’m in socks, shoes, or foot-nude. Obviously I’m being intentionally dramatic, and, to be honest, … Continue reading Debilitating