November 3rd 2020

Today, did you see how dark it was at 5pm? That’s stupid. I hate winter. People who like winter are weird. “Oh but you get to wrap up all cosy and warm,” they say. Do you know when else you can be warm?

Summer. That’s right.

Remember in July when it was 33 degrees on a Tuesday afternoon and you complained that “it might be too hot!”? I remember. What were you thinking? You wished the year away.

That was the best part of Lockdown 1. The weather, that is. It was like we were being rewarded for our patience with warm nights, bright skies, and daily sunshine. But now we’ve fucked up enough to warrant Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo, and it’s November and it’s dark and cold and rainy, and outside is not going to be the calming, freeing sanctuary it was for me and so many others during the first lockdown. Instead, it’s gonna be wet and gloomy and miserable. The state of it out there. And you asked for this.

“But winter has Christmas!” So? Summer has barbecues and beer gardens and FA Cup finals. You know what winter has? The Carabao Cup final. If that doesn’t tell you what a downgrade winter is, what does?

Until tomorrow, I miss the sun.


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