November 5th 2020

Today I apparently don’t even try to get to sleep at a normal time anymore. Maybe it’s because lockdown has started and I know that I don’t need to wake up until 8:55 tomorrow in order to be online for work in time.

Last night I intentionally stayed up until like 1am, and then unintentionally stayed awake in bed until gone 3. Tonight feels like it’ll be roughly the same. I don’t actually feel at all tired, though.

Last night I had a coffee at like 8pm and I’ll blame that for the late night, but tonight my last coffee was in the afternoon, and I’m still up at 1am. Maybe we can blame the fireworks tonight because for some reason Guy Fawkes’ night still exists.

I’m not yet completely exhausted, but I reckon I soon might be if this late-night thing continues. Or maybe I’m just nocturnal now.

Until tomorrow, I should go to bed.


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