November 8th 2020

Today I accidentally decided to deep clean my entire flat. It’s probably the most clean it’s been since I’ve lived here. Including when I had a roommate who was much cleaner than I am.

It kind of just started with me putting a load of washing on, and then it weirdly snowballed. The washing went on, and then I thought maybe I’d put the dishwasher on too. And if the dishwasher was on then I wanted the kitchen sides cleaned. And if the kitchen sides were cleaned I wanted to hoover the kitchen floor. And while the hoover was out I should do the entire flat.

And then I just cleaned the whole flat. I even cleaned the toilet. And the bath. Mental.

I felt really good after it, though. It’s nice to have the flat looking spotless. It’s also kind of pointless because it’ll be ruined again in two days, but at least it looks good for now.

Until tomorrow, clear home, clear head.


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