November 8th 2020

Today it’s clear that lockdown is back on, because Zoom Quiz nights are back. It’s like it’s April all over again.

In peak Lockdown 1, I was doing two quiz nights a week. A work one, and one with the uni boys. We’re already discussing what type of group video call activity we can bring back for some ‘team bonding’ with work people, and the quiz night is officially back for the uni boys.

I lost.

There’s a lot of golf questions, and although golf is my favourite sport to play, it is boring to watch so I tend not to keep up to date with it. That didn’t serve me very well.

Of course, the quiz night is just an excuse to get together and chat with your friends for a couple of hours. Just a slice of abnormal-normality in an otherwise bonkers world.

I’ll admit, the quizzes got too frequent and too repetitive during lockdown 1, so hopefully we can keep them interesting during lockdown 2.

Until tomorrow, hopefully lockdown 2 doesn’t last as long either.

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