November 9th 2020

Today it seems they’ve discovered a vaccine for Coronavirus. I say discovered, but that’s to discredit the scienteists behind it: to make it sound like they fell upon it by accident rather than worked to create it. Anyway, I feel like that’s a good thing. It is probably a good thing. Although this is the type of news we’ve been waiting to hear, it hasn’t excited me too much yet, because I don’t A) know what it means, and B) trust it. Not that I think they’ve made it up, just that I don’t trust that suddenly soon we can go back to normal life again.

I’ve forgotten what normal life is. Do you remember? Do you remember what we were before we were this? It seems difficult to return to that. What a bonkers time.

I’m just trying not to get my hopes up. In March I thought this would be over by June. In June I thought maybe September. I thought maybe we’d know what was going to happen. In September I thought maybe January. But it’s November, we have a vaccine, and yet we could still well be a long way off normality. But this is a good step. This is a step in the right direction.

Until tomororw, well done, Science.


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