November 10th 2020

Today I took a risk and grabbed a trolley instead of a basket when I went shopping. That always turns out expensive. With a trolley, you can afford a lapse in impulse control. With a basket you have an upper bound of things you can carry, and thus the amount you can spend. With a trolley, that upper bound is a lot higher, and hence I walked out paying over 50 quid.

Look at it all:

I get that for most people, that’s not a lot, but for me, I don’t do big shops, I do little and often because I live across the road and I never know what kind of person I’m going to be in five days time, or what type of food I’m going to want to eat.

This time though, I know what I want to eat this week. I’ve got a little menu. I’m at that early phase of lockdown 2 where I decide to put some effort into my dinners again and branch out, and I’m enjoying cooking again. I’m watching a lot of YouTube chefs and taking inspiration on recipes and cooking things that I wouldn’t tend to go for previously.

Like this, for example:

Lamb kofta with feta and rocket and sliced tomato and a lemon-yogurt-sumac-garlic thing.

That’s not the kind of thing I cook, but I’m enjoying experimenting again, and it was pretty good. Surprisingly heavy, in the end, for what at first looked like a salad in a wrap, but that is a lot of highly-compact meat.

Until tomorrow, it’s Quesadillas next.


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