November 11th 2020

Today at work we had a brand workshop with a PR agency that are going to be soing some work for us, and it got me thinking about what it would be like to work for a different company. I’ve only ever worked — in the real world — for this one company, so every opinion and belief I have is framed solely through that.

And that leads me to a way of thinking where I assume that all other people in all other companies think like I do. I mean, I have no other frame of reference. I’ve had no other job since I was a waiter at Pizza Hut. I’m now in Sales/Marketing for a tech company, for context.

Anyway, I realised that I thought very differently to this PR agency when the main dude said the phrase “truth hunting”. That’s what the session was about. We were to ‘hunt for our truths’. Vom.

Because everyone in our team has a similar outlook, I could hear the collective eyeroll. Usually, when my boss rolls her eyes at something, she narrates it by saying “eyeroll” out loud. She didn’t this time, but I know we were all thinking it.

That kind of philosophical, fake-deep marketing jargon makes me gag. See also: “blue sky thinking” “our north star idea” “mission statement”. All that shit.

The reason I think like that is because I’ve been only ever worked for this one company, in a culture that rejects that kind of stuff. And so I started to think of how I’d manage in another company.

I’ve already been at this company longer than I ever planned to. It was supposed to be a two year thing but I’ve been here four and a half. I’m not wanting to leave I’m just wondering what it would be like somewhere else. Would they say “truth hunting” and “blue sky thinking”? I hope not.

I’d like to think I could figure that kind of stuff out in an interview — if they were the type, that is — and then I’d realise that that’s not the kinda place I want to be.

Until tomorrow, what are our truths?


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