November 14th 2020

Today, on a lockdown weekend in November, that also coincides with another international break from the Premier League, where for one reason or another you can’t spend time with the people you want to spend time with… what are you supposed to do?

What is there to do?

I categorically told myself that at no point during lockdown was I to try and ‘better’ myself. This is not the time. This is not the year. I could have learned a language or written (another) book in the additional free time lockdown has afforded me, but now is not the time for self-improvement.

So mostly, I just watched Netflix and ate biscuits. Too many biscuits. I also told myself to stop buying biscuits because this tube lasted less than a day:

The Team GB crest is on there to remind me that I’d need to be an Olympic Athlete to burn off enough calories to make up for demolishing the whole fucking packet in a day.

I also made a coffee at like 9pm so I could dip the biscuits in them, so now it’s like half one and I’m still fucking wired from A) the coffee and B) the entire packet of biscuits.

Until tomorrow, but what else are you supposed to do?


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