November 18th 2020

Today I learned that I don’t actually dislike red wine, I just only like expensive red wine. I was having Covid-safe video-drinks with some people, and after drinking one beer and spilling the other beer over my desk and ruining my new wireless keyboard in the process, the only other alcohol I had was a bottle of posh red wine that someone left at my flat once.

It was an Argentinian Malbec called Tilimuqui, and it’s like 15 quid a bottle. I’ve tried red wine before and never been fussed about it. This one was pretty good, though. Annoyingly. I say annoyingly because I started drinking white wine this year after being so sure of myself that I was not a wine drinker. And now look at me. 15 quid Malbecs (that I didn’t pay for).

If I wanted to become a wine drinker, I should have started on the 6 quid pisswater from Tesco, but instead I have a penchant for posh wine. And posh wine isn’t cheap.

Until tomorrow, it is good though.


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