November 19th 2020

Today I completed my 200th consecutive day of running 5k every day.

Each time I reach a milestone I say it’s not big deal, but yet each time I dedicate a blog to reaching that milestone. I mean, to be fair that’s not saying much considering I also blog about my dinner a lot, and on Saturday I blogged about Hob Nobs, so really that should show that reaching two hundred days isn’t that big a deal.

I’ll run again tomorrow without even giving it a second thought. 200? 201? Makes no difference. The next substantial milestone is 365, I guess. That said, 2020 is a leap year (that seems like a long time ago), so maybe it should be 366 I care about.

Also, 1,000. Also, 10,000. Is 10,000 even possible? … math … oh, yeah. 27.4 years from now. That’s basically what I am now but just doubled.

Until tomorrow, now there’s a fucking milestone.


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