November 21st 2020

Today I can add Mexican to the limited list of cuisines I can successfully cook. Meet carne asada quesadillas with a chilli chimichurri:

Doesn’t that look like proper authentic Mexican street food? I reckon so, at least. It’s a nice contrast to the usual noodle/rice dishes that I cook. The thing with Mexican food like that, is that it’s hard to find any way to get any kind of vegetable in it. That quesadilla is basically just meat and cheese in a tortilla. I just realised I forgot to put diced fresh tomato in it, but that would’ve only added like 2 nutrients to the equation.

So the fact it’s just fried meat and cheese may explain why I’m knackered right now.

But fried meat and cheese is such a good combination. I even splurged on some Mexican Manchego to keep it as authentic as I could. The meat is marinated in cumin, paprika, chilli powder, olive oil, lime juice, and salt.

The chimichurri tastes far too good for something that is that easy to make. You just put some fresh ingredients (parsley, garlic, chilli, lemon juice/zest, olive oil) in a blender and out pops a delicious, layered, spicy herby sauce.

Then you just fry the meat, mix some manchego in and let it melt, put that to the side when it’s good and cooked, and then fry a tortilla to crisp it up, put your meat back in, drizzle on some chimichurri, add rocket and fresh tomato if you’ve got it, and then I think the cross-section deserves another look:

On this occasion I used a really cheap cut of steak. Just a two quid beef steak, because you don’t have to worry about cooking it to a perfect medium rare, or anything like that, the flavour of the dish is less reliant on the quality of the meat, but more on the combination of all the different aspects of the dish mixed into one.

It’s good.

Until tomorrow, it’s really good.


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