November 23rd 2020

Today I’m finding some joy out of lockdown because of ‘Homemade’ — a series of short films produced by Netflix about how home life has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each short film is between 6 and 12 minutes long, and tells a story — often a simplistic one — of life in lockdown. There’s probably 20 short films in total and they’re completely addicting.

The stories vary in format and genre and language, but they’re mostly all covid-centric, but in a completely beautiful way.

I am usually a pretty passive watcher of television, because I have the deadly combination of a smartphone and a terrible attention span, but these short films captivate me. Many of them are not in English, so are subtitled, which kind of forces me to pay a bit more attention, plus the fact that they’re under 10 minutes means I feel like I can give the film my complete attention for it’s duration.

And then what happens is I finish one and go straight into the next one. They’re really beautiful. Some of them are amateur, some of them are from director’s you’ll have heard of. Some are shot on iPhone, some are professionally produced. It’s an eclectic mix but because of how diverse they are in nature, it kind of weirdly sharpens the central, covid-shaped theme that runs through them all.

Covid isn’t just happening to me, it’s happening to everyone. And every person’s covid story has been different. Homemade is a glimpse into 20 people’s stories. Some fictional, some fact. But all real. If that makes any sense. Also, the fact that people can produce content that quality with an iPhone from a bedroom is mad to me.

Until tomorrow, people are brilliant, and people will win.


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