November 24th 2020

Today I got my first painful injury in 205 days of running every day. It’s not debilitating, and it’s not preventing me from getting out. For now. Though slipping my shoe on is painful, as is wearing socks.

And what is this fateful injury?

Well, it’s a blister on the top of one of my toes. The middle left one. If feet could swear, mine would be giving me the finger.

It hurts, man. I’m like constantly aware that it’s there. Whether I’m in socks, shoes, or foot-nude.

Obviously I’m being intentionally dramatic, and, to be honest, I’m pretty surprised that I’ve not yet developed an injury. When I tell people about my streak, they say my legs must be in bits. But truthfully they don’t hurt at all. I don’t run fast enough or far enough to truly put my legs through any sort of strain, so I guess all I can give them is blisters.

Until tomorrow, I hope this one goes away soon, it’s annoying.


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