November 25th 2020

Today I had the first day of my management training course. It’s a 3 day event to teach me some of the skills required to manage a team.

It’s a weird one. Because there’s a lot of stuff that’s just super fucking obvious. But there’s also some stuff that may be obvious but I’ve never thought about the implications of it before.

There’s also a fair bit of self-reflection, which is always an interesting topic. Also, there’s a lot of audience participation which is just a nightmare for me. I hated the introduction the most. I don’t like talking about myself, or what I do, or who I work for, to anyone other than people I work with. I just feel like no one else cares.

A couple weeks ago we were sent this personality profile to complete, and we got the results in the course today. Turns out I am a Completer Finisher after all. Along with these personality types comes some strengths of the type, and some weaknesses. It’s easy to think of weaknesses as things that you oughta iron out of your personality, but the course suggests that you embrace them. You should know what you’re good at, and what you’re bad at, and build a team that compliments that.

You don’t need four people in a team who have the exact same personality type. You wouldn’t get anything done. You don’t need four doers. Or four planners. Or four implementers. Or four teamworkers. You need a mix of people. You need everyone to have their role, and for those roles to cover the entire base, rather than just one specific thing.

So that’s reassuring, I guess. I know that I’m flawed, so I went into the course thinking I’d maybe have to change that. But the parts of my personality that come with flaws, also bring with strengths.

Until tomorrow, and I just kinda have to own that.


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