November 26th 2020

Today I missed being able to video call my niece on her first birthday. I was on a training course all day, and by the time I finished work she was asleep. Hopefully I’ll get to see her tomorrow when her presents arrive too. I’ve bought her three books, because she likes books and I like buying her books. I want that to be my thing.

Even though she hasn’t had her presents yet, I don’t feel wrong about spoiling it on this blog, because she doesn’t read this blog. She’s a one year old. She doesn’t read at all. Why did I buy her books again?

Anyway, happy birthday Sophia.

The course was long today. There was a point in the afternoon where I’d basically had enough and stopped taking notes. I was reassured, though, when we split off into little groups away from the instructor and everyone else said the same thing too.

It’s a lot of learning. Ironically, today was about how people learn, and how as a manager you have to adapt your teaching style to different learning styles. I learnt that I don’t like reading sheets upon sheets of theory, I’d rather get stuck into the application and examples of the theory, in order to relate to it. I gloss over if I’m given pages and pages of notes to read. Maybe I can’t read either.

Until tomorrow, so it’s not just you, Sophia!


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