November 29th 2020

Today I went to Purton Ships Graveyard for a walk. I only know it was called that because I took a photo for Instagram (obvs) and that was the location that Instagram suggested.

What I don’t understand is if there was supposed to be an apostrophe in that location name, and if so, where would it go?

Like, is it the graveyard of a Purton ship? Or the graveyard of the Purton ships?

Also, it was in all-caps so it was pretty hard to tell whether ‘ships’ was a proper noun or not.

So was it the graveyard of the Purton Ship? Or the graveyard of the Purton Ships?

Also! It’s kind of hard to know where to put the emphasis. And even though I drove us there, I don’t really know if Purton is a place or not. So maybe it just means “this is a graveyard of ships in Purton”

Really, it’s quite hard to tell.

Anyway. It’s a ship graveyard. In Purton. Maybe.

Standing there, looking out over what I imagine is the River Severn — or something that ends up being part of the River Severn at some point, at least — it’s quite peaceful really. Tranquil.

I don’t know how the ships ended up stranded there. I’d imagine it’s something to do with either A) the lack of visible running water anywhere in eyesight or B) the fact that the ships seemed to be made out of concrete.

Really, the trip to Purton’s Ship’s Graveyard’s invited more questions than it solved, but we weren’t really going there looking for answers. It was just nice to be out in the world.

Until tomorrow, it was nice to be somewhere quiet.


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