December 1st 2020

Today I think I’m now a convert to rare steak. I started my life eating it medium, at some point I transitioned to medium rare, but I think I’m now the kind of person that eats steak rare.

This happened because I cooked the most perfect steak of my entire life:

Okay, the skin could have got a bit more colour if I’d put in the effort to add the salt and oil more than 30 seconds before I put it into the pan, but ignore the skin and look at that perfectly pink middle.

Oh also, I’m now a fillet guy. A rare fillet guy.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I got paid yesterday and I wreally fancied a steak. I couldn’t find a rump I liked the look of, so I paid the extra for a fillet, and I’m glad I did.

Every bite was juicy and tender and full of flavour.

For future reference: Salt. Pepper. Olive oil. Hot, dry pan. 2.5 minutes each side. With 30 seconds left, add some butter and two peeled cloves of whole garlic. Baste. Remove steak and let it sit under foil for 5 minutes. Cook mushrooms in the garlic butter. Serve. Enjoy. Write a blog about it.

Until tomorrow, rare is the way forward.


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