December 3rd 2020

Today I actually got the chance to do some work after two full days of back-to-back meetings. I hate feeling left out of anything, and recently I’ve been informed about projects later than I would’ve hoped, so I’ve impositioned myself on as many meetings as I can. That word was supposed to be ‘imposed’, I now realise.

I do unironically love a meeting. Love a chance to challenge something. Love a debate. Love asking one final question when everyone else is just wishing the meeting would end. I do really hate meetings that drag unnecessarily, or take ages to get started. If I’m there, I’m there for the main course, not the starter or the dessert. Or whatever analogy would make more sense.

I basically hate small talk so I’d always rather we skip the “hi james hows things how are you coping with lockdown or right i see yeah same its hard isnt it oh is it starting to rain”. You can miss me with that.

So yeah, I love a useful meeting. But 8 hours of them is a bit much for a day. 0 hours is not enough. I’d say somewhere between 0 and 8 hours is the right number.

Until tomorrow, impositionaled.


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