December 4th 2020

Today I had a beer that cost £1000. More accurately, that sentence should read “today I spilled a beer and it cost me one thousand pounds.” The second time, I spelled the price for emphasis, and to ensure you knew it wasn’t a typo.

I spilled a beer on my MacBook Pro and now it’s broken.

This is all my MacBook has to say. No longer can it do any of the things it once did. Now it just does that.

It’s a weird set of circumstances that caused it to happen. First, I was sat on my sofa in my living room. And I never do that. I’m usually either in bed, or at the desk in my office. But for some reason I decided to spend tonight on my sofa. Also…

Last night I fell asleep without putting my phone on charge, so by the time I was sat down after work, my phone was basically dead. So I left my phone on charge in my room, and set up WhatsApp Web on my laptop on the coffee table so I could still talk to people.

That set up is very unusual.

And then I spilt a beer over my laptop. I patted it down, wiped the beer off, and thought I was in the clear. I wasn’t. A few minutes later it shut off, and it hasn’t turned back on since.

It’s a MacBook Pro. Replacing that is going to cost me a grand.

Yeah, I’ve put it in the airing cupboard face down over a towel. I did the googling. Maybe in a few days it will start working again. Though I’m not hopeful.

It’s weird, what I’m more concerned about is what I’m supposed to do for the rest of the weekend. I’m a single millennial who lives alone during a pandemic. That laptop is the most entertainment I’d have this weekend. What am I gonna do, read a book?

I could watch Netflix on my work laptop, I guess, but I don’t think I should illegally stream the football on my work laptop.

And so, we resort to prayer.

Until tomorrow, pray with me.


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