December 6th 2020

Today I keep breaking things. This weekend I’ve broken a MacBook, a plate, and a glass. One of those things upsets me more than the others, but the point stands.

Also last night I had a hyper-realistic dream that I broke my ankle. I can still hear the crunching sound that my ankle made in my dream, that’s how realistic it was. To the point that when I was out on my run today I was taking care over every single step, turn, and jumped puddle. It just felt like a premonition. We good, though.

I don’t read too much into horoscopes, or star signs, or—wait those are the same thing. You get the idea. I hold no stock in celestial happenings, but dreams are interesting, because it’s literally your subconscious taking control for a little bit. It’s literally your brain telling you stuff. Right?

Anyway, that’s the context for me asking this question without sounding like a loon: what do you think dreaming of a broken ankle means?

Could it be my brain telling me that running every single day for 217 days is putting my body under strain and I need to, like, chill out? Maybe, but my body feels fine.

Could my brain be predicting an upcoming event that is going to trip me up? Idk. Nothing I haven’t seen coming, anyway.

Maybe my brain is considering a lack of balance in my life. Okay, I googled that one.

I dunno.

Until tomorrow, I hope I don’t actually break my ankle.


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