December 11th 2020

Today we had the end of year work “Christmas party”. The entire thing was done over Google Meet, cuz, yknow, Corona. It was a weird concept, but it kind of worked. It kind of worked.

I won’t lie, I skipped the comedian, but I did go to the quiz and the employee awards. I didn’t win the quiz, but I did win the employee awards.

Like five people out of the 250-odd at the company won an award. And I guess I was one of them. He says, underselling it.

My CEO read out the nominations, and the reasons for each nomination. He read out my boss’s reason for nominating me, and then he added his own spin. It felt good that they both had positive things to say about me. I guess I’m doing something right.

Sure, the prize of Amazon vouchers is nice, but recognition is better. Obvs. Out of everyone she could have chosen, she chose me. That feels good. So does Amazon vouchers, in case I didn’t mention that.

Until tomorrow, I’m doing something right.


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