December 12th 2020

Today I actually enjoyed going Christmas shopping. That’s very unlike me. I don’t like the pressure of buying people gifts. But today I went into town with a plan, and a list, and I completed both. With a little help.

I’m actually pretty pleased with my haul. I’m also pleased with how efficient it was. In, out, presents done, with time for a nice bougie breakfast.

It was a slick shopping experience, and a very enjoyable one. I do really really really hate having to wear a mask because of the fog it causes on my glasses, but, yknow, Covid.

Also I should have bought a mask that is more comfortable. I’m still just rocking the free ones I got given from work.

It was a nice Saturday. It was the kind of day that Saturdays are supposed to be.

Until tomorrow, still not feeling at all Christmassy though.


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