December 14th 2020

Today I felt pretty grown up. A strange thing for a 27 year old man to say, but there it is.

It started with being delivered a Christmas hamper from work. I know that that’s just a circumstance of covid, but for the work Christmas party last year I got absolutely battered and ended up in Moo Moos until 4am. In comparison, a Christmas hamper from work is quite grown up.

Later, I decided to sort out my utility bills. God, I’m boring. Why are you reading this? Do you really want to hear about my utility bills?

Anyway, I’ve lived in this flat for 12 months now, and my broadband provider has put my fee up. So I was thinking about shopping around for something that includes Sky Sports, because now I don’t have a working laptop (I dropped a beer on it because I’m a grown up!) I need some way of watching the football.

So I don’t know if I should just phone Sky and try to get a new customer broadband/sports deal, or phone Now TV and get them to sort their shit out and give me new customer prices, or to include the Sky pass. That was boring, wasn’t it?

After that nonsense, I decided I want to redecorate my living room. If I get proper TV, I’ll be spending more time in my living room, and less time led in bed watching stuff on my laptop. And so I thought it’d be nice to redecorate. I started thinking about rugs, and shelves, and curtains and shit. Bleh. Remember when I used to write about being drunk and on holiday? Same.

As part of my redecoration, I put some coffee table/cooking books out on the TV stand — because I don’t have a coffee table.

One of those books I got from raiding my Nan’s bookcase after she died. Flicking through the book for the first time today, I found loads of little strips of paper from where she’d marked the pages of recipes she wanted to try. And now I want to try those recipes.

Chicken and chorizo skewers?

Until tomorrow, yes please, Nan.


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