December 16th 2020

Today my dream happened and someone literally phoned me up and asked me to do my admin for me. In the last few days I’ve been considering going to the effort of changing my wifi provider, and then tonight someone literally called me from some company and said they were there to help me get a cheaper deal on my utilities.

It sounds like a scam, but I do remember that one of the ‘perks’ of choosing my letting agent was a utilities service. When I moved in a year ago, they helped me pick Now TV, and now I’m thinking of leaving, they somehow knew that.

I’m probably going to go for a Sky package. I can get it cheaper than my renewal price, and I kinda wanna get sports involved too. I do have an arrangement with my Mum that if she buys Sky Sports then I can use her Sky Go, but this holistic solution seems to make more sense.

Until tomorrow, I want this woman to sort my entire life out for me.


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