December 17th 2020

Today I drank too much, then ate too much, then drank too much. I was bloated, then full, then bloated again, all within the space of a few hours.

Spence wanted to go for a pre-Christmas dinner, so we headed back the Tavern. He shockingly wasn’t impressed last time, and shockingly wasn’t impressed again tonight. My question, however, is how can you not not be impressed by this:

The waiter.

Meat. Carbs. Meat and carbs. We ordered so much food that all of the following people commented on the volume:

The waitress.

The table next to us.

The table next to the table next to us.

It was a lot of food. It was a lot of good, also, as my autocorrect just suggested.

I ate so much that I found it impossible to drink my final beer, as I was simply too full to manage it.

Until tomorrow, I enjoyed it more than he did.


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