December 21st 2020 Today I’ve worked from bed the entire day — loosely defining the term ‘worked’ in doing so. Let’s just say, I’ve had many days in my job where I’ve added more value than I did so today. But a few things… it is the last Monday before Christmas, over half my team had booked the day off on leave (including my boss), I’m a bit hungover, I’m very tired. There’s like maybe a 50% chance my boss will read this, so in the event that she does, please disregard everything I’ve just said. I added much value. … Continue reading Value


December 21st 2020 Today, on December 21st (as mentioned above) I figured out how to turn on my heating. I won’t lie, I had some help. I’ve been trying to figure it out for over a month now, but I enrolled a second opinion, who brought warmth to the flat. Finally. Turns out, there’s a whole other panel underneath the first panel. Who knew? I didn’t. That panel controls all of the good stuff like, I don’t know, not freezing to death. Ideal. And with that, came warmth. And heat. And not wearing socks to bed. And overspending on your … Continue reading Heating