December 24th 2020

Today I’m starting to think Santa’s not real. Somehow, when I got to my mum and dad’s house this afternoon, my stocking was already full of presents.

Maybe that’s because Santa is working overtime in order to maintain social distancing during his present delivery route — i’d imagine that’s be difficult, given the circumstances.

Or maybe it’s because the whole thing is a sham. I reckon mum and dad prefilled the stocking with presents before I arrived and made up the sorry about Santa having already been. It sounds suspicious. If it was a book, I wouldn’t buy it.

How would he even know I was going to come to my mum and dads, unless he’d been reading our WhatsApp messages? That’s a bit creepy, dude.

Anyway, the stocking is full.

Until tomorrow, Santa, I’m on to you.


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