December 26th 2020

Today was a relatively low-key Boxing Day. Usually we have 20-odd people round my grandparent’s house and mum has to cook a feast. We all get hammered well into the night and play Board games, but today it was just me mum and dad at their’s, with leftovers and backgammon.

I bought dad a backgammon kit for Christmas because we’ve wanted to play it for a while. The issue is that neither of us has a clue how to play it. Even after reading the rules we’re not quite sure. The first couple of games went too fast to be fun, which may partly be due to our bad skill, and partly due to not knowing the rules.

The last game was more interesting though. I don’t really get what the strategy or the skill involved is. Maybe that’s where we were going wrong.

Usually we play group board games until someone starts swearing, but today was much more low-key, as it had to be.

Until tomorrow, early night.


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