December 29th 2020

Today I got to play golf for the first time in what feels like a year. I’m sure I’ve only played one other time this year, but I cannot remember when.

When I woke up to snow, I didn’t think golf would happen. But thankfully the conditions were manageable. Even more miraculously, I actually played alright.

I started pretty well, and ended my round with 3 pars in 4 holes, which is never to be scoffed at. The only slight blip was on the hole where the four ball infront of us waved us through.

I dread it when that happens. Suddenly you have all this added pressure to play A) a quick shot, because they’re letting you through, and B) a good shot, because they’re stood there watching you.

That doubled amount of pressure did not sit well with me, and I scratched that hole completely. I buckled so much that I almost hit the guy who waved us through. Twice. With my ball, that is.

And then, I was still rattled when we got onto the next tee, and shanked a drive into the trees.

Only when we were well clear of them did my nerves stabilise and my performance improve.

Some people thrive on an audience.

Until tomorrow, I am not one of those people.


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